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Roots - Treasures from the Collections

In the exhibition you can experience amazing art, fun posters and impressive Finnish design.
29.4.2022 ‐
Malva, 5th floor

Jeremy Shaw: Phase Shifting Index

Phase Shifting Index is an audiovisual installation that leads towards an atmosphere that challenges, in an mesmerising way, human ability to explain. The installation has gained worldwide success and will be presented in Finland for the first time.
5.4.2024 ‐ 29.9.2024
Malva, 3rd floor


Destination is an exhibition that tells by means of contemporary art about departure and arrival.
3.5.2024 ‐ 3.11.2024
Malva, 1st floor

Animalistic – Miniature sculptures from Malva’s art collections 

Animalistic exhibition offers the whole family a multi-sensory experience where you can admire and explore various animal figures.
18.6.2024 ‐ 25.8.2024
Malva, Cellar Gallery

Pauliina Mäkelä: Pneuma

Pneuma presents worlds in which animate and inanimate elements are fused in an entrancing union.
1.11.2024 ‐ 11.5.2025
Malva, 3rd floor

Treats from the Malva Art Collection

Treats from the Malva Art Collection presents a selection of works acquired for the Malva art collection in recent years.
19.11.2024 ‐ 6.4.2025
Malva, Päijänne Gallery, 1st Floor

Ilkka Halso: Layered Landscapes

The works look at the landscape in layers, taking it apart and reassembling it using point-like shots.
7.12.2024 ‐ 6.4.2025
Malva, Brewery Galleries, 1st floor

Kaarlo Stauffer: Phantasmagoria 

Fantasmagoria presents works that draw from family photos and deal with the passage of time, aging and the relationship between remembering and imagination.
7.12.2024 ‐ 6.4.2025
Malva, LähiTapiola Vellamo Gallery, 1st floor