Past Exhibitions

Sari Soininen: Mindscapes

Photographic artist Sari Soininen’s colourful and dreamlike photographic style is inspired by philosophical ideas and personal mystical experiences.
3.11.2023 ‐ 7.4.2024

Emma Helle, Tamara Piilola and Pia Sirén: Garden of the Future

This exhibition brings together three artists whose work addresses questions of materiality, corporeality and our relationship with nature.
6.10.2023 ‐ 3.3.2024

Adrien M & Claire B: Havens of Light

Immerse yourself in living digital art and experience the blending of the imaginary, real and virtual dimensions.
12.5.2023 ‐ 1.10.2023

Klaus Haapaniemi: Voyagers

Haapaniemi brings a magical campsite of strange voyagers to Malva.
3.3.2023 ‐ 3.9.2023

Malva x Ski Museum: 100 years at Salpausselkä

The exhibition presents posters from the Lahti Ski Games and the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships.
9.2.2023 ‐ 30.4.2023

Sergei Pavlov: A Little Life

A Little Life showcases the work of the young photographic artist Sergei Pavlov.
25.11.2022 ‐ 2.4.2023

Marjatta Tapiola: In Other Words

Tapiola’s exhibition brings together key paintings from the artist’s early career, and a broader selection of new works based on these early paintings.
4.11.2022 ‐ 2.4.2023

Lahti International Poster Triennial

Lahti International Poster Triennial gathers the greatest names of graphic design under one roof.
29.4.2022 ‐ 21.8.2022

Nanna Susi: The Paintress and Furious Love

Nanna Susi is one of the most significant Finnish painters of our time.
7.10.2022 ‐ 2.4.2023

Erik Bruun, Naturally

Erik Bruun has been designing most loved Finnish posters since the 1950's.
September 2022 ‐ 29.1.2023

Maarten Baas: Hide and Seek

Maarten Baas is known for his designs that surprise, charm and astonish. Baas is one of the most influential Dutch designers of his generation.
29.4.2022 ‐ 18.9.2022