Adrien M & Claire B: Havens of Light

Immerse yourself in living digital art and experience the blending of the imaginary, real and virtual dimensions.
12.5.2023 ‐ 1.10.2023

Adrien M & Claire B creates interactive, spatial, and digital installations. The exhibition in Malva invites viewers to immerse themselves in the living digital art of Adrien M & Claire B and to experience the beautiful blending of the imaginary, real and virtual dimensions. 

Claire Bardainne (1978, France) is a visual artist with a background in graphic design and scenography. Adrien Mondot (1979, France) is a multidisciplinary artist, computer scientist and juggler. They established the artistic collaboration Adrien M & Claire B in 2011 and work with a team of over thirty people to develop and realise their vision. This is the first time their work is being showcased in Finland.

Adrien M & Claire B presents a journey through three projects

Last minute — an immersive installation-experience of 30 minutes.
The work will be played daily 10.15 / 11.00 / 11.45 / 12.30 / 13.15 / 14.00 / 14.45 / 15.30 / 16.15 / 17.00
and on Wednesdays four more performances 17.45 / 18.30 / 19.15 / 20.00

XYZT – a corpus of interactive installations

Acqua Alta — Crossing the mirror – a pop-up book in augmented reality

Image: Adrien M & Claire B, Last Minute © Adrien M & Claire B.

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