Colour workshop for babies

The event has ended

Colour workshop for babies is based on visual delight, multisensory, presence and experientiality. In this workshop, light and shadow -themed different materials are explored in a multi-sensory way together with the child, after which you paint with color bath paints made from food. There is also a soundscape and changing the lighting during the painting. The workshop is intended for babies aged from 3 months to 1 year.

The duration of the workshop is 45 minutes, please arrive at least 10 minutes before. After the workshop, you should reserve some time to change the child’s clothes and tidy up. So take spare clothes and possibly a towel with you (perhaps also for yourself). The work made in the workshop can be left to dry in Malva’s workshop space and you can pick it up later as agreed. No dairy or grain products are used in the workshop. The workshop is guided by Linda Sjöholm.

The price of the workshop is 20 euros per adult and one child. There are places for 10 babies in the workshop. You can also participate with two children, in which case two spots should be purchased. Participation is purchased from the museum’s online store.