Ovi Kummaan V: Seesaw: Human trajectories

The event has ended

The seesaw performance is an open flight exercise for human movements with the most interesting community art group in Päijät-Häme, DraamaLab.

It all starts from the fact that the seesaw you know from your childhood works differently than you remember. The performance is multi-interpretive and multi-artistic, combining animation, sound, image and performing elements. The duration of the performance is about 30 mins.

After the performance part, there is an opportunity to materialize a crash-test dummy for your own flight exercises. Welcome to watch human flight exercises on a seesaw!

Entrance to Kumma and Cellar Gallery is from the Malva’s side door on Päijänteenkatu.

Entrance is free, as usual. Come!

Ovi Kummaan

“Kumma” means quirk = peculiar, unusual, remarkable, weird, exceptional

You can’t explain everything, sometimes you just have to come and see what it’s all about.

Ovi Kummaan (“A door to the quirk”) is a low-threshold and slightly strange art space that opens when Malva’s main doors close. Behind the door they mix local, image, sound, light, movement, own, borrowed, made together…