Sari Soininen: self-portraiture photography workshop

The event has ended

Sari Soininen’s photography workshop focuses on self-portraiture and related creative methods. The workshop includes an expert lecture by Soininen, the realization of photographs, and a review and discussion of the photographs led by Soininen.

Sari Soininen discovered the form of self-portraiture seven years ago through a personal trauma. A self-portrait can act as a therapeutic tool with one’s own personal problems or just reflect a more traditional self-portrait – in the workshop Sari Soininen treats the self-portrait as a therapeutic art form.

The workshop includes a 45-minute long lecture that delves deeply into e.g. history of self-portrait and methods of contemporary art. In the workshop, photographs will be taken by using different shooting methods such as long exposure time, projection and color transparencies. Sari Soininen guides and assists the participants in using different photography methods. In the workshop, the photos taken are also discussed in a group. The purpose of the workshop is to get the participants to think about their self-image using different mediums: self-image is not necessarily always a direct image of oneself, but it can also be reflected from the environment.

The workshop is aimed at people who are interested in photography. Please bring your own camera, and any other equipment, such as a tripod and flash, to the workshop. One loan camera is in use in the workshop.

The workshop is for 10 participants and the price is 50€. Participation is purchased in advance from the museum’s online store. The workshop fee also includes entry to Sari Soininen’s exhibition.